Join us at our Next Meeting on Thursday, March 8 at 7:30

We’ll be planning for interesting topics and having some fun in 2018.  What would you like to hear about?

We meet the second Thursday of each month September through May at 7:30 in the South Orange Library, lower level on the right past the drinking fountain.

About South Orange Historical and Preservation Society

Since its formation in 1986 through the present, SOHPS has supported historic preservation and education efforts.  Our focus in 2018 will be on presenting programs of interest to the public and our members.  Send a note to to let us know what you’d like to present or to hear about.

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You’ve missed the 2017 Gems of South Orange House Tour!

One of New Jersey’s premier house tours featured distinctive homes dating from the invention of the incandescent light bulb (1879) to the introduction of the iPhone (2007).  Our next tour will be in 2019.  To add your name to our mailing list, send a note to