The biennial Gems of South Orange House Tour, originally planned for its traditional May date has been rescheduled until October 17, 2015. Problems caused by this winter’s extreme weather have been cited as a primary cause.

According to Karen Marlowe, President of the South Orange Historical and Preservation Society (“SOHPS”), several homeowners were “unable to complete necessary repairs, touch-ups, and landscaping” to prepare their properties for showing, the Society decided to wait until fall to hold the long-anticipated display of special houses.

“We are a community organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the distinctive attractions, architecture, and features of South Orange Village. Our biennial House Tour is a wonderful vehicle for furthering our outreach to the community,” said President Karen Marlowe. “We were determined not to let this winter’s storms to stop the tour; but the weather did set us back about five months,” Marlowe continued, “but with mid-October known for splendid weather, fans of the tour should be delighted.”

SOHPS issued an appeal to Villagers to volunteer their homes for display at the event. Right now, three more houses are needed. The criteria to become a Tour home are one or more of the following: architectural beauty, distinctiveness, historical significance, interiors, landscaping, or collections. “We wish to curate a diverse representation of homes that contribute to making South Orange Village unique and attractive,” Marlowe noted.

To have a home considered for inclusion, homeowners can contact House Selection Committee chair, Laura Auer, at 908-577-7821 or at

Call for Tour Homes for 2015 Gems of South Orange House Tour

The South Orange Historical and Preservation Society’s bi-annual “Gems of South Orange House Tour” will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 11 am. – 4 p.m.  There is an open call for tour homes between now and June 30, 2015.

Contrary to what you might think, tour homes need not be designer showcases.  While they should be aesthetically pleasing and generally well-kept, homes may be of interest for a variety of reasons:

  • Historical homes
  • Homes whose prior residents feature in the history of the town
  • Good examples of a particular architectural style
  • Good examples of sensitive additions/renovations/restorations
  • Homes with interesting collections or gardens

Perhaps you know of a great tour home, possibly even your own?


About South Orange Historical and Preservation Society

Since its formation in 1986 through the present, SOHPS has supported historic preservation and education efforts.

Our current primary objectives:

  • Developing outreach programs to all the businesses, historical societies, churches, schools and universities within South Orange
    and the surrounding areas.
  • Developing educational programs of historic significance for our local communities, libraries
    and school curricula and educational environments
  •  Preservation of significant historic structures, including the historic buildings and
    districts on the National and State Historic Registers
  • Increasing membership and membership participation in all events and SOHPS activities.

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