4. If the primary purpose of your photography is to share nearly each and every snap out of your camera, then you definitely shouldn’t abandon your Flickr account (or perhaps you should even go sign up for one). 2. VPN is (Virtual Private Network) were first used by companies to enable… You'll be prompted to enter your password to confirm your account deletion. ), You need staff's assistance to re-access your old account. ( permalink thanks so much mabel and ernstkers for replying. I assume you don't have access to your old account anymore, or you would have just logged in with it (even though it was hacked). ), Have sent emails but no joy as far Can anyone help me? Posted 88 months ago. I have lost access to my Flickr account. ID to do this.) 3. Now it has been purchased by SmugMug. wow! but when i click 'sign in' it just opens up a little window to sign into yahoo. Posted 88 months ago. ), Also, it usually takes 3 to 5 business days to get a reply from the staff. ID, you need to either: I just cannot access this account If your images are set to “Private” Pixsy will be unable to access them for scanning. Posted 88 months ago. Everything I try just keeps taking me to the new, empty account. ( permalink You could contact Flickr support and tell them what happened, and see if they'll link your old Flickr account to your new Yahoo account. ( permalink I have an old Live.com account that is connected to my flickr account as a secondary email. Monitor your Flickr photos with a free Pixsy account: 24/7 monitoring of where & how your images are used online anyone else having this problem. io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?page=contact&locale=e... Make sure the phone number in the top box is the same as the one you entered on the registration page (if it's not, click in the box and type in the correct number). ( permalink That email address is already associated with the Marc Kleen account on Flickr. ID because I need the features in Yahoo! You need to be patient. Here's what going on: ( permalink If you have any further concerns regarding this issue Jennifer, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you. (A URL is the Internet Address, you can find any URL in the URL bar at the top of every webpage - it begins with the http thingy You need to edit out your Yahoo ID, it can be picked up by spambots. ( permalink I can view my old photostream using its URL, but only as an observer, not the owner of the images. ID uses the email address mkleen.photography@yahoo.com. ) Fix Mobile Log In Problems. ) Go to https://help.yahoo.com/kb/flickr-for-desktop Click "contact customer care" Click "product support" Choose the topic and subtopic most closely related to your problem. sorry for the mix up with email account purvy@ is another one of email addresses. We are in the process of migrating accounts onto our new login system. This thread is locked. 4. www.flickr.com/photos/30462932@N07/ 3. hi again mabel-yes i know that and i do that. What do I do? Hello Jennifer, I have an old free Flickr account before. any thoughts as to why this is happening?? ) So after seeing the holiday email that went out from flickr, I'm a bit concerned for them as a company. TO get back the old Flickr account, you will need to contact Flickr staff and give them sufficient information that will prove you are the person who started the old account. As you can access my photo's only through the url. I bought an new laptop but I can't log in on Flickr. Back in 2010 I created a flickr account. Every time I sign in yahoo I have to go to the whole process of creating another password and such, but now I simply can access flickr at all. ( permalink Which I can't access either. ( Click on your profile photo, then on Settings. You can do this by visiting your Flickr… i got the prompt to sign in on firefox and then connection timed out. Click your profile picture in the top-right corner, and then select Settings. ( permalink Closing your Yahoo account will also close any services associated with Yahoo--for example, Flickr. Clear your browser's cache and cookies ID. " Posted 89 months ago. the only thing i can access is this help forum through google. The following Yahoo! It was created in September 2008 and has 269 public photos in it. it seems to be working now. " Click the Help link found by hovering over your buddy icon in the upper right corner. Have you managed to get this issue sorted as it's doing my head in. (Your mkleen.photography Yahoo! I've had a flickr account since 2006, which I ignored for some time, and now when I went to log in I realized I have no idea what my yahoo email address or flickr username would have been. I am still receiving email notifications when my contacts post a new image. Posted 89 months ago. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same problem I thought it was me at first. Posted 89 months ago. If you have a Flickr Pro account, you'll need to log into Flickr directly and cancel your paid subscription before deleting your Yahoo account. ). If you don't see your old account listed, try searching with other terms. This thread was closed automatically due to a lack of responses over the last month. ), Hi, my photo's are for anyone to see from this URL ID. Posted 88 months ago. I have a flickr account and I forgot my password or username. Posted 89 months ago. I am trying to log into my Yahoo email and flickr but I have to confirm a security code that has been sent to my expired Live.com account. So make sure your Flickr settings are set to “Public” before syncing the images you want us to monitor for you. Flickr says: Independent Advisor Replied on February 9, 2019. Are there pictures on this old account that you no longer have? ), Or do I need to ask my question somewhere else? ( permalink Hey, Can anyone help me out about How do I Access my old outlook account? What is a VPN? Here's what to do: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Change the primary email address for your mkleen.photography Yahoo! We're sorry, but there's a problem. I uploaded some pictures of the town I not longer live in and I would like to be able to share those pictures with my new friends. i am having the same problem since last night. Hide or unhide photos from public searches. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Posted 89 months ago. since there are so many knowledgeable folks who read this forum i thought i'd ask for some help here. Every time I try to log in using it or attempt to change the password it says the email does not exist. Posted 89 months ago. i wrote to flickr help just a wile ago and received a reply from glenn at yahoo. again with your marckleen.photography Yahoo! Additional information on this, and other Yahoo! Click the button next to the profile for your old account. Use the tips below to fix common mobile login problems related to your device and password. Posted 88 months ago. Is this possible? This button appears next to each account that is listed when you search for your old Facebook account. After doing so, click on "Sign Up" or "Sign In". I have not accessed my old Hotmail account in some time. You will only need to use an email address/password combination and a web browser to sign up. ), h.einiken: I can sin in to my BT Yahoo account successfully but every time I try to access my Flickr account a new password request box appears and if I type in my Yahoo ID it welcomes me as a new user, which I am not or the password box keeps returning. sign into my old hotmail account How do I sign into my old Hotmail account? yes..this is my sept. 2008 account. If I go into the Metro Photo App I dont have the flickr tile or the option to turn it on under settings charm. You are posting from an account made in september 2008. Thanks, i'll try again and see if i can get back there. I opened a new one, but I want to get back to my old account. Thank you for being a Yahoo! 5. EDIT: i just tried recent activity from this url (i guess the url from the help forum and was able to see my recent activities). How to Permanently Delete Your Old Flickr Account Flickr is an online photo and video sharing service, which was owned by Yahoo until recently. Is there anyway to retrieve my pictures? ( permalink I want to apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you. Apparently a new account (with an old defunct email address) has now been set up for me and I now can’t get into my old account. Sign in with your Yahoo ID and password. Use the *need help* link at the bottom of this page and select *logging in* from the category list. If you have lost your login credentials to that account or if you have orphaned it by using the same login credentials for a new account you need staff to hook you back up, follow this link, go through the selecting from the category lists to get to the link for emailing staff. ), Hello, Under the Personal Information category (which you should have selected by default), next to the “Your Flickr Account” section, click Delete Your Flickr Account. ), You will need to get staff assistance to get access to your account again. If you are trying to access your Marc Kleen Flickr account, please sign in to Yahoo! not sure what happened or what i did wrong the first several times i tried to access my flickr acount. www.yahoo.com Thank you Have been in contact with staff but still not resolved. I assure you that I will do what I can to help resolve your issue. i tried firefox and safari. MabelAmber️***Pluto5339***MysteryGuest edited this topic 89 months ago. ( permalink Now I have a paid Yahoo! Posted 89 months ago. I've used the site for years not really as a backup, but for a place to say "this is where you can look at the photos I think are the best I've taken". You are now posting from this account as logged in: T_T I am sorry however that I can't be of much help -- I have an allergy for (complicated) logging in issues -- hopefully someone else will pop in to explain the directions in the staff respons step by step. help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=content&id=SLN4525&l... If you click it, you'll go home. Remove the mkleen.photography@yahoo.com email address from your Marc Kleen Flickr account. ( permalink Just found this thread on the forum. Read the important messages, then click OK-NEXT. You can change your default options for new ... Creative Commons. Yahoo (Flickr's owner) will send you a confirmation code via phone to make sure that you have a way back into your account. I am wondering if I can create a new Flickr account and migrate the pictures from my old account to a new account. Posted 89 months ago. 2. Then click i am impressed! i have no idea if a new account was set up for me as you mentioned above. ( permalink Posted 89 months ago. jenniferbeinhacker.com: If you don't have one, you'll need to create a Yahoo account. Select the category "Logging In" user since 2008. Give full details about your old account so staff can reconnect you to it. One of my Win8 pc's is just using a Local login while the other one is using a Domain login that's linked to my Microsoft Account. I have two windows 8 Pro machines at the moment and have tried everything to link my Flickr account to my Microsoft Account. ), purvy@btinternet.com: www.flickr.com/photos/fogie/ account because someone hacked into my old one, and now, I have no access to my Flickr account because I logged in there using my old account, what can I do? Do you mean to log in with another account? This thread is locked. how do i find it to see if my flickr is there there...or am i gone forever?? Please use the links below to review the articles. ). permalink Access your account settings. See, I had to make a new Yahoo! Individual images can be neatly grouped into categories such as landscapes, animals, people, still life or even My Summer Trip 2010. Posted at 4:01PM, 14 September 2013 PST thanks in advance for any replies. ( permalink Sign in to Flickr. 5. east coast, usa. ID. It's up to each member to decide whether or not their photos are available or hidden from public searches. Flickr is a Yahoo company and an Oath brand. on safari i got nothing. Glenn Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. products, can be found on the Yahoo! Cookies help us deliver our Services. The only way for other people to see them is if you send them a Guest Pass, or if you are following them on Flickr and give them permission to see your photos. ), Hi Colleen, How do I get back to the old one? ). and truly hope you continue to use Flickr, Mail, and Answers, as you have been. help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=content&id=SLN15727&... ( permalink anyone have any ideas?? The format seems to have changed a few times since then, and the forget username/password links don't help at all. ( permalink can you see my flickr photostream?? You can upload and share your images and videos on Flickr as well as post them automatically on almost any social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram under your name if you wish. ), Rogue117: that's what i meant by closing firefox....sorry i wasn't clearer the first time i said it. I can view my old photostream using its URL, but only as an observer, not the owner of the images. i wonder what will happen if i shut down my firefox? On Friday morning, after the panda maintenance, I received a prompt to sign into yahoo, which I did. So we think the requirement - moving photos between two Flickr accounts exists. Mail Plus and I am getting rid of my old Yahoo! Help articles should be helpful in resolving your issue. help page. Let Flickr know that you want your account deleted. All of your photos are private. Merging Flickr accounts. What to do now? will my access to flickr disappear again?? Yahoo! Now I need to, but Hotmail takes me to a new, empty Outlook account instead. ), Flickr logo. i would try to do what you ( anne) did my using the url but i do not know what a url is. ( permalink Or, preferences.) but i dont have a yahoo email for that account so what do i do? So you are logged in. Flickr sign in problems Posted 89 months ago. Click No longer have access to these?. The place to get reliable help regarding Flickt is from the Yahoo help service. Googling tells me I should sign in to Hotmail with my old e-mail address and password, but I cannot find an option in Outlook to do that. Posted 89 months ago. jenniferbeinhacker.com edited this topic 89 months ago. jenniferbeinhacker.com: ( permalink If you are trying to create a new Flickr account for your mkleen.photography Yahoo! We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo! ), I cannot access my flickr account - Kathrynkennedy27@yahoo.com. no i don't mean to create another account. I have lost access to my Flickr account. here's what glenn wrote in response to the problem (i described above): i never had "help" so quickly. I know I used an old gmail for the account. Topic: Account Access. but sometimes my husband (who doesn't use my flickr) closes down firefox and then i need to sign in again next time i go on flickr. (You'll need to sign in to Flickr with your marckleen.photography Yahoo! Posted 88 months ago. I have been logging in with different ones to access my account Currently, it is not possible to merge Flickr accounts, or transfer photos from one account to another.As a workaround, you can download your photos from one ac... Changes to … Customer Care On Friday morning, after the panda maintenance, I received a prompt to sign into yahoo, which I did. Your mkleen.photography Yahoo! fingers crossed that i won't have this problem again when i close out firefox. i changed my email for that account from a yahoo email to a different one. Posted 89 months ago. Under the “ Personal information ” tab, click Delete your Flickr account. Posted 88 months ago. Apparently a new account (with an old defunct email address) has now been set up for me and I now can’t get into my old account. I can't access my old account. i did write to flickr need help but i am sure they are so busy that it will be a long time before i hear from them. ( permalink I would suggest you set up a new Flickr account! This is the right place to ask. jenniferbeinhacker.com edited this topic 89 months ago. Click This Is My Account next to your old account. I have the same question (160) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed; Replies (2) LordAlukard. How do I Access my old outlook account? ), Hi I can't log in on my normal Flickr account, so i made this one to get an answer to my question. . You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

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