A compressor is the engine that powers the refrigeration cycle, moving refrigerant through the inner and outer heat exchange pipes. This is explained by the fact that the inverter type works continuously, because of what the accuracy of the settings is gradually lost. Such a device operates according to … The inverter motor is quite a modern invention. It does the actual work of creating refrigeration, (it cooling effect). Such a device better maintains the temperature in the refrigerator. Comparing the pros and cons of such a device, you can draw the main conclusions. The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. However, the linear device faces the need to start more often, so it will quickly fail. Your email address will not be published. Traditional air conditioners can either work at maximum capability or switch off, as the compressor's speed cannot be varied. If you already have a refrigerator and know its capacity, then it is a good starting point. It delivers up to 40 percent more energy efficiency than conventional compressors. The Noise level in Conventional Compressor is usually very high. Because of this nuance, you may have problems with wiring. The refrigerant in its liquid form when released into its cooling coil or evaporator on the suction side of the system creates the cooling effect, expanding back into its gaseous form through rapid evaporation. With a single-speed compressor, when the temperature inside the fridge reaches above a certain temperature, the compressor suddenly switches on – a noise almost everyone is familiar with. An inverter compressor is designed to operate with a drive which steplessly adjusts the speed of the compressor motor to deliver the cooling need. The inverter is different from the linear unit, the presence of special engines without brushes. That’s long enough to raise a child, send her to college, and live with you for a few years afterward! Another important factor is that the operation of a linear refrigerator can be dangerous for poor wiring. Even at minimum compressor power, the temperature does not drop below the specified level. Whirlpool’s inverter is termed “Intelligence Inverter”. The inverter compressor starts its cycles at low speed so you would hardly notice the transition in noise it produces. The presence of an impressive list of advantages does not at all mean a complete lack of shortcomings. It monitors temperature levels, making adjustments to its RPM speed; therefore, significantly reducing noise. A rotational speed monitor to predict and compensate imbalances (the main cause of vibration and noise) helps to limit motor vibration when spinning at low frequencies. Not only is Whirlpool presently the only American made owned and operated firm of upright home refrigerators, but when it comes to smart or intelligent fridges (one compressor friction point  or not), it does create a most efficient energy to cooling ratio refrigerator considering all factors while utilizing its time tested, reliable and well established compressor. All inverters sense temperatures varying somewhat from one brand to another but are each in their own unique way a modern engineering marvel. The inverter motor is quite a modern invention. Characteristic for the linear system of clicks are completely absent here. However, the inverter converter wins on a larger number of parameters. The Inverter Compressor never turns off. When you start the refrigerator, it accelerates to maximum power, after which its speed is reduced to the specified parameter. These are the main advantages of inverter refrigerators. Only having become acquainted with all the nuances, you will be able to make the right decision. Your email address will not be published. There is reduction in wear and tear on the compressor for greater durability. The Durability of Reciprocal Compressors is too low compared to Digital Inverter Compressors. Since it saves electricity by only 10%.

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