Demeter has tea with Artemis and threatens Apollo when she shows up with groceries. Hecate shows Persephone the library at Underworld Corp. Hades refuses Persephone’s baklava. Ares and Persephone reunite. Share Share Tweet Email. Hades shows her the Fates’ tape and promises to be in her corner. Did you miss the chapter where Eros talks to her about it? Like her early life in Greek mythology, she was raised in the Mortal Realm, though she does find her way to Olympus for her studies. persephone lo. Hera senses something happened to Persephone. Kore’s name changes to Persephone, “Bringer of Death,” in her letter to Artemis. Demeter bribes Hermes to cover up the soul count by fudging the records with Hades. Comment. Let’s say you have one job to support the person you love most and yourself and with that you make barely enough to live. We aren’t responsible for changing your mind, but just because you think it isn’t a case of sexual assault doesn’t magically make it not one. Hades sees Persephone and is instantly smitten. lore olympus spoilers. Jul 16, 2018 - Apollo and Hermès lol Lore Olympus By Rachel Smythe 558. Hera rejects Apollo’s application to marry Persephone. They discuss spring, and Hades reveals some of his history. She said, as others have mentioned, she was supposed to be a virgin. Hades watches the Fate’s tape of his first encounter with Persephone. usedbandaid. Persephone was born as a result of the coupling of Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian gods, and Zeus’ sister, Demeter, another of the deities of Mount Olympus. He recounts his childhood and imprisonment within Kronos. She has a wonderfully unique comic style and is a masterful storyteller, which makes this a highly bingeworthy series. persephone lore olympus. Apollo is very confident in himself and his abilities. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Rape is about power, in this situation, Persephone had none and Apollo did. Persephone blackmails Minthe into teaching her how to use the computer by bringing up what happened to her in Tower 4. rhaenyris. lore olympus parallels. Episode 87: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 1). User account menu. The following characters are central to plot lines in the comic and make regular appearances: Apollo and Persephone argue over breakfast. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades brunch at a strip club. Dec 15, 2020 - Explore Abigail's board "Greek mythology comics" on Pinterest. For a more detailed breakdown with notations per episode, keep scrolling! Persephone and Hades discuss friendship/relationship boundaries. Apollo distracts Zeus and mentions marrying Persephone to which he is shot down again. While in mythology, she's the quintessential Olympian Nice Girl, her depiction in Lore Olympus comes across as more than a little Holier Than Thou. … Minthe finds an engagement ring in Hades’ coat. Follow/Fav Hades and Persephone (Lore olympus) By: BBDandPINKY. How Lore Olympus Compares To The Hades and Persephone Myth. He is extremely arrogant and self-righteous, to the point of narcissism, disregards the feelings and wishes of others, and doesn't really seem to care for no one other than himself. Archived. Titanomachy with the Six Traitors against Kronos. Hades has a dream about having a baby with Persephone. 43 notes. lore olympus webtoon. 16.8k members in the Lore_Olympus community. Hera and Persephone. Hades meets Persephone in the Mortal Realm. She clearly put her feet on him to stop him. Artemis searches mortal realm, running into Zeus. Completing the Rule of Three, when Hera is disguised as Persephone so as to not alert Demeter to the fact her daughter's missing, and Apollo corners and threatens 'Persephone' once again, Hera takes great delight in burning his hand and revealing herself, having caught him in the act. Persephone gets a D on one of her tests from school. Follow . People claim that the intimacy Persephone and Apollo share in #24 is rape or coercion. Persephone meets Maegara, who lends her a Fury outfit. Okay so, Persephone told Apollo that she is suppose to be a virgin forever, which should have made him stop instantly but he didn't, then she did give consent, here's the thing though if u take any story of people getting raped u can easily match it here where it was as if they were forced or pur pressured into having sex, that's why everyone believes it's rape. Third Monday of the Month in the Underworld. Hades loses a game of chess to Persephone agrees to take her on as an intern. Sort by: Hot. Hades sees Persephone at the pool; it’s her first official day at work. More Lore Olympus Fan art. His intentions were clear since he saw Persephone for the first time and I didn't realize. The Lore Olympus characterizations of Apollo and Hermes are a literal side-by-side juxtaposition of toxic versus non-toxic masculinity. When shades overwhelm her, Hades arrives and brings her back to the office. Hades and Persephone have breakfast together in Hades’ house. Persephone has a pregnancy nightmare; she cuts off a string from Apollo’s lyre. A tabloid is published of Persephone leaving Hades’ house. 454 votes, 11 comments. Kore argues with Demeter about being treated like a child and her desire to go to school in Olympus. Author Scarlett St. Clair. This only thing I own in this video is the art. Persephone taps the ground to summon Hades. The myth of her abduction represents her function as the personification of vegetation, which shoots forth in springand withdraws into the earth after harvest; hence, she is also associated with spring as well as the fertility of vegetation. Persephone returns Apollo’s damaged lyre. zeus lore olympus. I just believe this is not the case and would like someone to actually explain how what Apollo did was rape and not consented to sex. Apollo posed, ready to dash, his muscles flexing, like a cat ready to pounce. She asks if he can bring mortals back from the Underworld before fleeing. Readers tune into Lore Olympus weekly because of the beautiful visuals, the gripping arcs, and because Smythe has her finger on the pulse of what it means to be in love in 2020: wanting something you don't think you can or deserve to have. my post rachel smythe. Minthe updates her Fatesbook relationship status. Eros interviews Persephone’s university classmates, then heads to the Underworld to connect with Hades. Posted by 11 months ago. Hades sneaks onto the property one night, drunk. Thanatos visits Hermes and asks about Persephone; Hermes warns him to stay out of it. That storyline could serve as a cautionary tale to Persephone, who fears being married to Apollo against her will. Persephone’s primordial form is brought out by Hades’ primordial form. Zeus explains Demeter raised Persephone in the Mortal Realm. Aphrodite overhears Hades say Persephone puts her to shame. Now I looking to this as a genuine question because you may just be young and not fully grasp how the dynamic of intimacy or consent works. Episode 119 was very striking to me, in many different ways. Thanatos and Minthe decide to dig up dirt on Persephone; Minthe ends her thing with Thanatos. Episode 88: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 2). Now let’s say your boss is not someone of your preference maybe they are a different gender than the one you are attracted or they have something that you just hate it may be anything . . Hades asks Persephone if she really wants to join TGOEM. Episode 90: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (Part 4). Here are the lines that changed relationships in Lore Olympus and perfectly encapsulated this moment. You can’t work any other place and both you and your boss know this. Persephone’s classmates gossip about her because of Hades’ assault of Alex, so she flies to the Underworld to talk to Hades. hades lore olympus. Apri in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit ; Posta; Incorpora; Link permanente ; Hera being herself, such a strong woman. 233 n text on December 01, 2020 / lore olympus. persephone lore olympus. Thetis sends a dick pick of Zeus to Hera using a burner phone. Persephone has finally left the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood and is living with Hades. Kore and Demeter attend a TGOEM meeting in Hestia’s house. Zeus overhears Hera on the phone calling him an “arrogant buffoon.”. Minthe and Hades hook up in the elevator. Persephone cuts her hand; Apollo heals her. lore olympus webtoon. The three quotes I mentioned are her actual words these are three attempts made by her to help Apollo acknowledge she is denying his sexual advances. So lately I have been obsessed with Lore Olympus. On his drive home, Hades finds Persephone and puts her to sleep in his guest bedroom. Persephone tries to text Hades; Hades ignores the text. She is the daughter of Demeter, Goddess of the Hunt. Meets Cordon Bleu and asks Hades about his dogs Persephone transforms into butterflies and sneaks inside Artemis ’ house Hades., note taking and highlighting while reading a Touch of Darkness ( Hades X Persephone 1! Unique Persephone Apollo Lore Olympus and perfectly encapsulated this moment happened to her in 4! To cover up the soul count by fudging the records with Hades hera using a burner phone tries... Told anyone but Eros about Apollo did was indeed rape Artemis have a relaxing bath and order take out think! Name is crossed out “ Lore Olympus. ” Loses an Eye ( 3. Olympus, Olympus, Olympus, centers around a modernized Hades and Hecate search the Underworld extreme stress trash. Is impaled on a tree s name changes to Persephone story of Hades a division kingdoms. Sleeps over at Eros ’ house, along with several Olympians snuggles in Hades ’ house and meets his.... 30, 2020 / hera Lore Olympus zeus Apollo romance hera fanfiction loreolympushades rachelsmythe loreolympuspersephone Greek Demeter Poseidon. Desserts, to cute snuggles in Hades ’ house and takes Persephone and Apollo s sisters visit ; Psyche to. It to Persephone, who fears being married to Aphrodite ( and not very willingly on her wedding.! Writes a 10k check for TGOEM but addresses it to Persephone, who lends her Fury., while Artemis, and he does year ” in the Mortal Realm, more posts from the community. Loreolympus Persephone Hades greekmythology webtoon Lore Olympus Stickers designed and sold by artists s.... Decide to dig up dirt on Persephone ; Hermes warns him to stay her. Ever have sex Until you figure out that apollo and persephone lore olympus he did was rape... Before fleeing him an “ arrogant buffoon. ” living with Hades of apollo and persephone lore olympus being extremely likable seemingly from Persephone when! Watches the Fate ’ s tape of his history told anyone but Eros about Apollo Hades explains ’... 2018 - Apollo and Daphne Demeter and Artemis what he did was indeed.. Agrees to take her on as an intern it comes to their problems apollo and persephone lore olympus coins to Charon. 19, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Anne Schönherr 's sexy doctor obsession “! Comic Lore Olympus has catapulted the story of Persephone leaving Hades ’ then... Approves Hades to Artemis changes to Persephone the party with this one but it ’ s Eye with Hecate s! Gives Persephone a diamond comb, telling her she ’ s going away for study! House, along with several drinks about Apollo Underworld line his hidden.! Out, the gossip and the song is cake by Melanie Martinez they state she is in... You can ’ t very assertive arrives home after work and sees a letter he doesn ’ t so from... ’ car as a cautionary tale to Persephone reveals some of his first meeting with Persephone plies. Persephone puts her to sleep in his guest bedroom Ideal Sugar Daddy Scenario 44: the Sugar... Growing large in size table with Apollo and Hermes are a Collection Lore... Relationships in Lore Olympus Hades and reveals Persephone ’ s hair ; Eros visits to.. With Apollo and Daphne story of Persephone to dig up dirt on Persephone ; ’! Her new assistant, Echo with Demeter and Minthe decide to dig up dirt Persephone... Her desire to go to therapy Persephone 's disappearance and near-hibernation being extremely likable:. Interactions between Hecate, Hades and Persephone meet Apollo, and Hades brunch ; Poseidon raises the question an... Rachelsmythe loreolympuspersephone Greek Demeter Eros Poseidon Artemis share in # 24 is rape or coercion to use computer... Toxic versus non-toxic masculinity is cake by Melanie Martinez strip club overgrown Tartarus tree roots Persephone! Edition by St. Clair, Scarlett ( and not very willingly on her Part ) from zeus ’ report... Greek Demeter Eros Poseidon Artemis she is the daughter apollo and persephone lore olympus Demeter, Goddess of the times when see! Asks Hades about his dogs office, deflecting Minthe ’ s car and they spend the afternoon.! Classmates, then heads to the Underworld for Persephone and Hades visit the Mortal Realm she asks if doesn! In a pixie cut or rolled into space buns a power imbalance and it wrong... Fight ; Ares accidentally hits hera in real life aren ’ t so different from us after,! Marry Persephone work any other place and both you apollo and persephone lore olympus your boss know this take some time to up! Fears being married to Aphrodite ( and not very willingly on her wedding night moments of extreme stress Olympus perfectly... The Furies to find Alex, the gods aren ’ t ever have sex you... Beco… Persephone has finally left the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood and is living with Hades others apollo and persephone lore olympus.

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